If you've never fundraised before, you may be wondering, “Where do I begin?”

Well fear not! We’ve thought of some fun and helpful ideas to set you up for accomplishing, and surpassing, your financial goal.

1. Letter Writing

One of the easiest ways to start fundraising is to create your own donation letter that explains why you are raising money, what your financial goal is, and where the money will be going to. Here we've provided a template you can use to send out to family, friends, church congregation--anyone! You can also find a template letter on your personal fundraising page once you’re registered. Use this form as a simple way to raise awareness for the cause and ask for financial support.

Support Letter Template.docx

2. Social Media

Use your various social media outlets to advertise your fundraising efforts. Post pictures about the dance marathon or share info about the charities you’ll be supporting and reach a wider audience. Once registered, you'll be receiving a customizable fundraising page you can share everywhere!

3. Get Creative

Brainstorm ways that you and your team can promote your cause to a wider audience and encourage more donations.

  • Put on a bake sale with your world-famous cookie recipe
  • Use your musical talents to entertain for spare change
  • Sell any clothes you haven’t worn in the last year, or any other item you no longer need
  • Offer to clean your friend’s room or do their laundry
  • Host an event! Plan a dinner party, game night, or movie night and ask for donations
  • Ask for donations in place of a birthday or holiday gift!

Have fun with it!

If you need any help fundraising, or have any questions about anything mentioned here, please feel free to email Director of Dancer Relations, Sierra McCoy, at dancerrelations.biolathon@gmail.com.