What the heck is a dance marathon?

By definition, a dance marathon is an event where participants dance for an extended period of time. In the past, it has been used as a form of entertainment. Today, however, it is widely used as a endurance-based fundraising event.

Hundreds of universities across the U.S. put on dance marathons every year to raise money for various causes, including Children’s Miracle Network, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundations, and more. 

Although this does not mean literally dancing for the entire time, it means staying on your feet without sitting down if you are physically able to.  The time is not exclusively taken up by dancing, but also includes performances, guest speakers, games, dancing workshops, and catered meals.

I don’t dance.

And you don't have to. The event is not for dancers, nor is it a dance. It's a fundraising event that it will include opportunities to dance that are completely optional for participants. We will have a variety of other activities to participate in during the event for those who don't wish to dance or for those who want to take a break (although no sitting!). It's not about the dancing--it's about raising money to support our communities and making a physical sarifice in light of it.

I'm not a Biola student--can I still participate?


Early registration, which lasts until March 30th, is reserved only for Biola students. The registration form will require a student ID number.

After that date, however, it will be open to anyone, and will no longer require an ID number.

I'm an alumni! Can I come?

Yes please!!

After early registration ends on March 30th, look out for the 'Alumni' tab on our website, which will talk about the specific opportunities and activities we will be making available exclusively for our wonderful alumni.

I cannot participate in the whole event. Is there any other way I can help?

Yes! For the day of the event, there will opportunities to volunteer for a 3-hour shift in a number of different capacities. Applications for volunteering will be made available on our website and our social media outlets in April.